How to Reduce Xbox Live Gold Membership Cost

Microsoft charges SGD $88 (Singapore Dollars) for a 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription. But I have been getting at least a 25% discount for the past 3 years of membership. Read on to find out how.

I have been using Electronic First for my Xbox Live subscription needs. They normally have deals for 12+1 (13) or 12+2 (14) months of subscription besides the normal 12-month membership plan. The payment is via PayPal and the Xbox Live codes are usually sent to your e-mail address within 1 day. They stopped accepting payments from PayPal when I tried to use them to renew my membership in June 2013.

As I wanted to stick to my PayPal account for my online payments, I tried looking for an alternative online retailer and bumped into PC Game Supply.

Based on current exchange rates, both Electronic First and PC Game Supply charge between SGD $55 to SGD $65 for a 12-month Xbox Live membership. This equates to a minimum discount of 25%.

At the time of writing, Electronic First has resumed payments via PayPal but with an additional charge of 20%.

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    It’s not the cheapest option but at you can pay with a lot of payment options including PayPal at 0% extra transaction fee (and you buy from a official store instead of a non-authorized reseller).