Purchase Wii Points through the Wii Shop Channel in any Country

The Wii Shop Channel is a Wii Channel that lets a player buy and download content directly from Nintendo.

Wii Points (also known as Nintendo Points in some parts of the world) is the currency used by Nintendo for the purchase of content available in the Wii Shop Channel. Wii Points can be purchased with a credit card within the Wii Shop Channel.

Wii Shop Channel is only available in certain countries, like in the US and Japan (It’s not available in Singapore). If you have set the country to ‘Singapore’ in your Wii settings, you will get an error – “Wii Shop Channel not available in country” when you try to access the Wii Shop Channel. To overcome this problem, set the Country to ‘United States’.

Once logged in to the Wii Shop Channel, the next step is to purchase Wii Points. But when you try to purchase Wii Points with the credit card issued by your local bank, the transaction will most likely fail due to an invalid billing address. The transaction will not be successful if you enter your home billing address in Singapore. You will need to enter a valid address in the United States for a successful transaction.

You can use the following billing address with the country set to ‘United States’ to purchase the Wii Points:

City: New York
State: NY
Zip: 10001
Country: United States

This trick will also work outside of Singapore.

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