Access Free Zinio Digital Magazines

Zinio is a digital publishing partner for some of the world’s leading magazine and textbook publishers and offers one of the best online reading experience.

Accessing those digital magazines is usually through a paid subscription. However, iPhone users will be able to access the digital editions of top-selling Zinio monthly magazines (PC Magazine, Reader’s Digest, MacWorld, Playboy, Penthouse, Car and Driver and many others) for free using the Zinio Mobile Newstand. To check out the free magazines, point your iPhone browser to

If you try to access the same site from Firefox, IE or some other desktop browser, you will not be able to view the magazines, instead you will be redirected to another page telling you more about the Zinio Mobile Newstand. Zinio allows restricted access to the Zinio Mobile Newstand by identifying iPhone browsers from the HTTP User Agent.

If you want to take advantage of this special access from your desktop, you will need to change the HTTP User Agent string of your browser to that of the iPhone browser. Zinio web servers will then assume that the request is coming from an iPhone browser.

To change the HTTP User Agent in Firefox, you can follow this article. Below is one of the User Agent strings used on an iPhone browser.

After changing the User Agent to ‘iPhone’ in Firefox, reload the Zinio Mobile Newstand page and you should now be redirected to the Zinio iPhone Newsreader.

zinio mobile newsstand iphone

Above are some of the magazines available at Zinio Mobile Newsstand.

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