Unix / Linux: Find and Delete Zero Byte Files

unix linux
Explains how to find and delete zero byte size files using the find command on Unix and Linux. Also explains how to delete files only in the current directory using maxdepth and prune options.

Bootstrap Fixed Width Sidebar

Explains how to create a two-column blog layout using Bootstrap 3 with a fixed width right sidebar column and a responsive main content column by using custom grid classes.

Unix / Linux: Delete File with Special Characters

unix linux

Objective: Delete a file with names that contain spaces and/or special characters such as hyphen (-), semicolon (;), ampersand (&), dollar sign ($), question mark (?), asterisk (∗), etc.

Linux: Execute a Program Periodically

unix linux
Explains how to execute a command at short intervals, display the output screen and highlight changes in output using the watch command on Linux.