Bash: Multi-dimensional Arrays

Objective: Use multi-dimensional arrays in bash shell.

Bash 4 provides one-dimensional indexed and associative array variables but does not have support multi-dimensional arrays, but there’s a way to emulate it.

There are indexed arrays and associative arrays in bash and we can use associative arrays to somehow emulate a multi-dimensional array.

Below is how an indexed array looks like. An indexed array is defined using delare -a option.

Below is an associative array that is defined using delare -A option. For associative arrays, we can use a any hash as the key, so we can define a key as 0,0 or 0,1 to emulate a 2-dimenional array.

If declare -A array2 is omitted, bash will not treat the variable array2 as an associative array.

Note that since multi-dimensional arrays are not really supported in bash, there’s no way to determine the length of the sub-array, etc, so looping through each element in the sub-array is not something that is supported natively by bash. You will probably need to come up with your own method to loop through such arrays.

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