Run Your Own CGI Proxy

A CGI proxy is a HTTP/FTP proxy that allows a user to access a different site through it. It is most commonly used when a user is not able to access the site directly or just that the user wants to access the site anonymously. A Google search on “anonymous proxy” or “web proxy” would give numerous links on publicly available CGI proxies. Even though you can surf anonymously via those sites, you can still be tracked by the proxy sites. If you do not feel comfortable regarding this, you can configure you CGI proxy instead. To configure your own CGI proxy, you will need:
  • a web host
  • permission to run Perl scripts
  • a copy of the CGIProxy script from here
Follow the instructions found in the README file, upload the script to your web host directory and start surfing anonymously. Note: Before using this script, make sure you are not violating the TOS of your web host.

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