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IP Address to AS Number Lookup


Objective: Perform BGP AS (Autonomous System) number lookup based on IP address using traceroute or whois.

Find Number of Hops Using Ping

In the computer networking field, traceroute is a diagnostic tool for displaying the hops and the round-trip time for each hop. Ping, on the other hand, computes round-trip times only from the destination point. But if you are just interested in finding out the number of hops to a destination and not the round-trip times, ping is an alternative utility to traceroute.

SSH Port Forwarding for FTP

Tunneling a FTP connection over SSH is not something that is straight forward. To understand the problem better, we need to analyse how FTP works.

Change IP Address from the Command Prompt

Changing the IP settings from the Windows GUI is a no-brainer! I have never been a fan of using the GUI for system configuration. I change the network settings of the ethernet and wifi interfaces from the command line!

Workaround for Juniper VPN Split Tunneling Restriction


Split Tunneling is a networking concept which allows the user to access the corporate private network via the VPN link, and connect to the local LAN via the same or different interface. This service is usually facilitated through a program such as VPN client software application. One such application is the Juniper Network Connect.

Endian Byte Order

In computing, endianness is the byte ordering used to store binary data in memory. When specifically talking about bytes, endianness is also referred to simply as byte order.

Change Windows Network Configuration from the Command Line

Do you frequently find yourself switching between different IP addresses in your Windows laptop when plugging onto different networks?

This is quite common for field engineers who need to connect to various customer networks. It is quite frustrating to click a dozen times before you can make a single IP address change.