Bash: Escape String Variable

Objective: Escape or append a ‘\’ to reserved characters (e.g &, \, |, ?, *, etc) found on a string variable in bash.

Before we look at the solution, let’s take a closer look at the problem. Suppose, we have a shell variable assigned as shown below.

$ evar='VAR_&_\_|_?_*_ESCAPE'

Now, let’s try to use the variable in sed for search and replace. Let’s replace the occurrence of ‘__VAR__‘ to the contents of the variable $evar.

$ echo __VAR__ | sed -e "s/__VAR__/$evar/"

As you can see, the output is wrong. The output should be the contents of the variable $evar. We will need to escape the string found in the variable $evar before we pass it to sed.

The solution to insert escape sequences to the string variable is to use the shell builtin printf function with the “%q” format specifier as shown in the syntax below.

$ printf "%q" "$evar"

To use it within sed, use the following syntax.

$ echo __VAR__ | sed -e "s/__VAR__/$(printf "%q" "$evar")/"

This time, the output is the same as the contents of the variable.

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