Bypass 25 Likes Facebook Page Username Restriction

Facebook require pages to have at least 25 likes or fans to signup for a username, custom URL or Vanity URL. This means that newly created Facebook pages will come with a messy URL with a lot of numbers. This is bad news for newly launched companies as the URLs do not provide any brand recognition.

Bypass the restriction by following the steps below!

  1. Create a new temporary Facebook account with a brand new e-mail address and verify the account by sending an confirmation e-mail
  2. Launch your profile page, click on ‘About’ and update your mobile phone number under the Contact Info. Click on the ‘Verify’ link and verify the mobile number once done. Try not to use the same mobile number associated with your main Facebook account
  3. Goto and follow the steps to create a page
  4. Goto and select the page you just created and choose an username that is available

Once the above steps have been completed, you will need to assign an ‘Admin Role’ to your main Facebook account for the page so that you could de-activate the temporary Facebook account. You can only add your Facebook friends or people who already like the page as admins.

  1. Login to your main Facebook account and like the Facebook page created above
  2. Logout and login again using the temporary Facebook account
  3. Launch the page and click on the ‘Edit Page’, ‘Admin Roles’ link under the ‘Admin Panel’
  4. Add your main Facebook account and assign a ‘Manager’ role
  5. You can now de-activate your temporary Facebook account.

This trick only works once for every profile. Subsequent pages under the same profile require 25 likes or fans.

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