Shell Script: Check If Weekend

I have some shell scripts that will perform certain actions only on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday). There are two ways to solve the “is it a weekend” logic.

The script can be scheduled via a cron job and under the cron entry, the “day of week” field must be specified as “0,6” (0 is Sunday, 6 is Saturday). On Linux, both 0 and 7 indicate Sunday.

0 8 * * 0,6 /path/to/weekend-script"

The above crontab entry will run the script every weekend at 8am.

The other method is to add some logic in the script to determine if the current day is a weekend.

ibrahim = { interested_in(unix, linux, android, open_source, reverse_engineering); coding(c, shell, php, python, java, javascript, nodejs, react); plays_on(xbox, ps4); linux_desktop_user(true); }