Juniper VPN Network Connect Split Tunneling Patch

After posting the Workaround for Juniper VPN Split Tunneling Restriction article more than 4 years back, I am still getting email requests for help on patching the Juniper Network Connect binary. Therefore I have decided to come up with a table with the offsets to patch for every version that I have come across.

To modify the binary file, open the file in a Hex Editor which displays offset addresses. I am using PSPad editor as my Hex editor. Goto the offset addresses and modify the original data to the values mentioned under the modified data column. Save the binary and then follow the steps in the original post.

VersionOffset Address in HexOriginal DataModified DataPlatform - 15DC475 3A90 90Windows - 18C2075 3A90 90Windows - 18CA075 3A90 90Windows - 1ACB075 3A90 90Windows - 1ACB075 3A90 90Windows - 1A881075 3A90 90Windows - 1A81075 3A90 90Windows - 1A81075 3A90 90Windows - 530E775 4C90 90Mac - 530A775 4C90 90Mac - 19B10 75 3390 90 Windows - 19B2075 3390 90 Windows - 19B1075 3390 90Windows - 19E6075 3090 90Windows - 19E60 75 3390 90Windows - 1B56075 3390 90Windows

Below is a screenshot for the version opened in PSPad editor before patching.

juniper network connect split tunneling patch

If you have successfully patched a specific version, post a comment below with the details and I will update the above table when I am free.

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