Token Problem with SafeNet MobilePASS Smartphone App

SafeNet MobilePASS provides Two-Factor Authentication to access my company’s VPN network. They provide client apps for smartphones running on Android, IOS, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile to generate one-time passcodes. I have been using their Android app for around 2 years but there is one big problem – the app likes to randomly lose the token information. I have experienced this at least 3 times in the last 12 months. Once the token information is lost, one-time passcodes cannot be generated anymore and this effectively locks me out from accessing the VPN network.

Re-registration of the token takes half a day and I started looking for an alternative solution. Hard token was an option for me but was not a preferred option. That was when I bumped into SafeNet Windows Desktop client to generate the passcodes.

The Windows desktop client does not need to be installed and can be run from a portable USB device. Registration of the client is similar to how would you register the Android client. But do note that the token information is saved on the computer and not on the USB device. For Windows 7, the tokens are saved in your home directory.

c:\>cd %APPDATA%\SafeNet\MobilePASS

In a bid to not lose the token information again, I have configured DropBox to backup the whole directory above.

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