Command Line Calendar

How often have you wanted to take a quick glance of the calendar in your desktop? You may need to click a couple of dozen of times on your desktop if the period your are interested in is more than a decade back.

How Pipelining Improves CPU Performance

Pipelining is a technique used to improve the execution throughput of a CPU by using the processor resources in a more efficient manner.

Change Windows Network Configuration from the Command Line

Do you frequently find yourself switching between different IP addresses in your Windows laptop when plugging onto different networks?

This is quite common for field engineers who need to connect to various customer networks. It is quite frustrating to click a dozen times before you can make a single IP address change.

Search for Files Bigger Than Certain Size

When the disk partition is filling up quickly, it’s quite an hassle for the system administrator to find out the location of the files taking up the most space.

User Agent Spoofing with Firefox

The User Agent, well the HTTP User Agent, is a string of data identifying the browser, browser version, the underlying Operating System and contains other miscellaneous information.

Access Root Shell in Ubuntu

On a typical Fedora installation, you are asked for a root password and you will given an option to create accounts for normal users.

On the other hand, Ubuntu only allows account creation for normal users, root logins are disabled by default.