Shell Script with Password Prompt

At work, I have a couple of shell scripts to perform LDAP queries. Initially the scripts were hard-coded with the login credentials of a read-only user. But as the scripts were enhanced to handle LDAP query updates, I realised that it was not a good idea anymore to hard-code the username and password as I was just inviting trouble. And the scripts will be a big NO during system audit.

To overcome this problem, I decided to let the scripts request for user credentials whenever someone tried to run the scripts. But there’s one problem. The password field is visible when entered by the user.

To overcome the password field visibility problem, I specified the “-s” option to the read command. The option is available in the bash shell. The sample code below will not echo the password field when entered by the user.

Below is the output of the sample script.

If read command does not support the “-s” option (this probably means that you are not using the bash shell), then the script will need to be modified.

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