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Android MMC mmcblk Partition Layout

Android devices have a couple of partitions to store different data. The common ones are the recovery, boot, system, data and cache partitions.

Almost every device has it’s own unique layout even though they come from the same manufacturer. I have seen phones based on MTD (Memory Technology Device), EMMC (Embedded MultiMedia Card) and MMC (MultiMedia Card) devices.

How to Search for Freely Downloadable Android APK Files

Android Apps are available for download legally via the Google Play Store, both the free and the paid versions. But if you are looking for a not-so-legal way to get a copy of the APK files, Google has the answer.

Bypass Android Pattern Security Lock

If you have an Android phone that is rooted and the USB Debugging option has been turned on, your phone can be unlocked in a matter of seconds with the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) utility.