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How UnoDNS From UnoTelly Work

I have been a cable TV subscriber for more than a decade and of late I have started looking around for a cheaper alternative. Netflix has been on my radar but it is still not officially available yet in my country of residence – Singapore.

Change IP Address from the Command Prompt

Changing the IP settings from the Windows GUI is a no-brainer! I have never been a fan of using the GUI for system configuration. I change the network settings of the ethernet and wifi interfaces from the command line!

How to Perform Reverse DNS Lookup

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Everyone knows that DNS is used to translate hostnames to IP addresses, but do you know that DNS can also be used to retrieve the domain name when the IP address is known?

Free Dynamic DNS with Custom Domain

If you need to administer your home network remotely from office, you will either need to know the public IP address assigned by your ISP or use a service called dynamic DNS, that will map a DNS hostname to your IP address. Dynamic DNS is required as the public IP address assigned by your ISP is never fixed for consumer broadband connections.