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Google Apps Custom URL for Secondary Domain


Google Apps only allows custom URLs for primary domains. For secondary domains, you are stuck with the default service addresses provided by Google. But, there’s a workaround.

How to Use Google AdSense Link Units on Responsive Websites

Google AdSense now supports responsive ads. In other words, different devices with different screen sizes will be served ads that best fit on their screen. But like it or not, this feature is still not available for link unit type of ads!

How to Search for Freely Downloadable Android APK Files

Android Apps are available for download legally via the Google Play Store, both the free and the paid versions. But if you are looking for a not-so-legal way to get a copy of the APK files, Google has the answer.

Week Numbers in Google Calendar

I use Google Calendar for both personal and business use but it lacks a critical piece of information by default – the week number. Week numbers are important when it comes to project schedules and also to track major milestones. But there is a way to add this missing feature and it’s quite simple actually.

How to Use Google Currency Converter

Are you going on a holiday and need to find out exchange rate of your holiday destination? You will no longer need to search for a site that does currency conversions. Google is able to perform the currency conversion using a simple search query.