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Keeping Warranty Intact for Sony Xperia Unlocked Phones

An Android phone that has its bootloader unlocked means that the warranty is void. This is the case with most, if not all of the Android mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC. Sony is no exception. Motorola has recently announced some developer friendly changes to their policies – warranty will not be void for their Developer Edition devices that are bootloader unlocked.

How to Decrypt WhatsApp Database Messages

WhatsApp does a backup of the messages at 4am (local time) every day to the SD card. On Android, this backup is an encrypted copy of the SQLite database containing all of the WhatsApp messages. If you want to read the messages on a computer, you will need to decrypt the file.

Workaround for Juniper VPN Split Tunneling Restriction


Split Tunneling is a networking concept which allows the user to access the corporate private network via the VPN link, and connect to the local LAN via the same or different interface. This service is usually facilitated through a program such as VPN client software application. One such application is the Juniper Network Connect.